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Manor Lane Garage 01244 533 282

We Care about your car



Not just an oil change, preventative maintenance helps ensure your car runs cleanly, efficiently and stays reliable when you need it most.



Your dashboard warning light might just mean your car needs an oil change, or it might be something more serious. Manor Lane Garage has the latest diagnostic systems that tell us excactly what's wrong as soon as we plug in, potentially saving you money by identifying problems before the damage is done.



Manor Lane Garage undertakes all kinds of mechanical repair, from the small, simple things, right up to engine and gearbox full rebuilds, and everything in between.

Robin Garner, owner Manor Lane Garage

About me

I'm Robin Garner and I run Manor Lane Garage. Working on cars isn't just a job for me. I understand completely how important your vehicle is to you and how much of a disruption it is when something goes wrong with it. So we make sure we correctly diagnose your problems, do our utmost to accurrately tell you how long we need your vehicle for, and most importantly, how much it will cost. It's unusual for us to get any of this wrong, but if for any reason any of this changes, we tell you that too as soon as we become aware of it.

Call me on:

(01244) 533 282

Recent Jobs

well equipped Toolbox

The right tools for the job

dual vehicle ramps


Manor Lane Typre Bay

Tyre Supply and fitting service

Tuning and Diagnostics

Tuning and Diagnostics

Vans and Commercial Vehicles

Vans & Commerfcial Vehicles

Specialist jobs

Speciailist Jobs

Manor Lane Garage Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

Manor Lane Garage for friendly, local service

Friendly, Local

Manor Lane Garage provide all types of engine service and repair

All engine services and repair

Manor Lane Garage can fully rebuild your engine

Full rebuilds

What sets us apart from other garages?

We try to offer the very best service we can at the keenest prices. That doesn't mean that you have to compromise on quality though.
Here are some of the things we do that maybe other garages don't.

  • We're on Facebook!

    You can reach us on facebook as well as by phone and in person

  • We've got the gear

    We have a fully equipped, multibay workshop and tyre fitting shop, that means no job is too big for us

  • Safe and Secure

    You can trust us. We've got the experience as well as the reputation, we won't let you down

  • We don't hang around

    We know you depend on your car, so we try to keep you on the road, we keep you informed about your car and minimise the time you're off the road

  • Reliable

    We do what we say we're going to, we stick to our prices and keep you in the picture if anything changes, so no nasty suprises at the end.

  • We'll come and get you

    We will even come and collect you if you can get to us yourself.

What our Customers Say

About us

Manor Lane Garage Main Logo

Here at Manor Lane Garage we aim to give you a great garage experience without the main dealer price tag. We see no job too big or too small, ranging from servicing to engine and gearbox rebuilds we undertake all kinds of work. Located on the Hawarden industrial estate, ( down from discount domestics) we are easily accessible but for those unable to drop there vehicles off we do offer a collection and delivery service where possible at no extra cost.